Welcome to the Spectral Void

My name is Chad Thomas the artist/creator of the Spectral Void an ongoing online sci-fi comic. In October 2014 I started working full time as a freelance artist and a story began to emerge. Spending my extra time in between projects the Spectral Void started to become a reality. Originally the comic was going to be done as a graphic novel. After getting excited myself after each comic panel thought that it would work better online and as a shared experience. Eventually the comic will be in print as well as online.

Hope you enjoy the comic and will come back for more of the story. The site itself will continue to grow as it is updated with more content. The comic will be updated on a weekly basis.

If interested sign up for the mailing list for quarterly posts or for special circumstances including sales or major updates. Also would graciously appreciate any support for the project on Patreon this will allow me to spend more time on the Spectral Voids updates. This is great for supporters as well because they will receive bonus content and other perks.

Just so you know there will be more characters, surprises and aliens as the Spectral Void continues....

Thank you for all your support!
Chad Thomas