Kickstarter is for Spectral Void issue #1 is funded!!!

The Spectral Void issue #1 project is funded!!!!

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to tell you that today we hit the funding goal with 12 days left. Thank you so much for supporting my comic book and helping me reach this milestone. Couldn't have done it without you!!!

but wait there's more!:

Since the funding goal has been met and there are still 12 days left stretch goals are available. To mark this occasion just made the stretch goal amounts a little more attainable! Once the funding amount is over $750 any backer over $10 will get a NEW 5 x 7 signed print included in there order.

So please get out there and share the project! That way we can meet the new stretch goals and get you even more great perks as a supporter!

project link:

Kickstarter for Spectral Void Issue #1 and convention list


First started posting panels for the Spectral Void webcomic around the end of November. Now with the comic almost done and a kickstarter running to help fund the comic it feels like a good time to reflect. I've been wanting to do my own story with art for such a long time now. So far the road has been much harder than I envisioned. Thought about quitting work on the comic more then once which was do to the amount of time it was taking, lack of support, and this feeling that I just wasn't good enough. I know as a professional artist my portraits and children's book work have been well received but doing a comic was a personal goal that maybe not everyone understands. Working on other projects made me want to work on the Spectral Void comic even more. This is why I'm running a kickstarter because working on the comic helps fulfill my creative needs and also have plans to further the story and characters. Please back my kickstarter or help share the kickstarter on social media so that the Spectral Void can continue to exist...

Kickstarter Details:

The Spectral Void Kickstarter will end on April 26th. Along with Spectral Void issue #1 in print there are other rewards like original art and prints. There is also an early bird reward for those supporters that back early. The goal should be easily attainable at $500 with stretch goals of additional prints and additional comic pages.

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Upcoming Events and Conventions:

- Lebanon MegaCon - Lebanon, MO (April 30th - May1st)
- Rivercity Comic Con - Little Rock, AR (June 11,12)
- LibraryCon - Springfield, MO (August 27)
- G.A.M.E. - Springfield, MO (October 7-9)

Thank you all for your continued support!
Chad Thomas


Welcome to the Spectral Void

My name is Chad Thomas the artist/creator of the Spectral Void an ongoing online sci-fi comic. In October 2014 I started working full time as a freelance artist and a story began to emerge. Spending my extra time in between projects the Spectral Void started to become a reality. Originally the comic was going to be done as a graphic novel. After getting excited myself after each comic panel thought that it would work better online and as a shared experience. Eventually the comic will be in print as well as online.

Hope you enjoy the comic and will come back for more of the story. The site itself will continue to grow as it is updated with more content. The comic will be updated on a weekly basis.

If interested sign up for the mailing list for quarterly posts or for special circumstances including sales or major updates. Also would graciously appreciate any support for the project on Patreon this will allow me to spend more time on the Spectral Voids updates. This is great for supporters as well because they will receive bonus content and other perks.

Just so you know there will be more characters, surprises and aliens as the Spectral Void continues....

Thank you for all your support!
Chad Thomas