What's going on

It's been a busy few weeks.

First issue of the Spectral Void #1 is now in print! Soon a store will be added to the website where you can purchase the comic. For now the comic is available at the Comic Cave and Cosmic King in Springfield, MO and at Collectomaniacs in Ozark, MO.

Couple of weeks ago had my first table at a comic convention promoting the Spectral Void at Lebanon MegaCon in Lebanon, MO. The attendance was very low at the con but the comic was very well received. Last weekend did a signing at my local comic shop Collectomaniacs in Ozark, MO and did really well. Next convention is River City comic con: June 11th and 12th in Little Rock, AR.

Sure that you've noticed a lack of updates lately for the webcomic and will start posting more of the comic soon. Going to start work on issue #2 either this week or next. Once issue #2 is underway the Patreon will also be reworked where any $1 backer will be able to see progress on the next comic. The next comic book will not be put together panel to panel or shared like a webcomic. The comic will be done page by page intended for print and only Patreon backers will be able to view pages and story before issue #2 and future issues are printed. Issue #1 will still be free and presented as a webcomic on the site. More on this soon.

Looking forward to promoting the comic and working on issue #2!

Thank you all for your support!

Chad Thomas